Xo Team Members Real Name with Photo, Age, & Instgram Account

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Are you Looking for an XO Team Members Names with Photos? If yes, then you are in the Right Place. This article will show the List of Whole XO Team Members’ Real Names with Photos, Ages, and Instagram Account IDs. So, let’s get started.

Xo Team is a Popular Brand Name that makes Music videos with Many Famous influencers. Gary Grey and Mary Senn created the Xo Team. XO Team has 4.5 Million Followers on Instagram and Nearly 12 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Team Xo is based in Los Angeles.

Who is the owner of the XO Team?

The Xo Team Produces Music Videos with Many Popular Influencers. Mary Senn and Gary Grey found the Xo Team. Althrough, The Owner and CEO of Team Xo is Michael Steib.


Team Xo Girl Names

1Chanderlandd (Chana)
2Dasha Dzhakeli
3Veronica Kostya
4Mary Senn
5Kristi Krime
7Nastya Badbarbie
8Kristi Krime
9Kristina Kika Kim
10Eva Miller
11Alisha Kone
12Bad Barbie 

Xo Team Boy Name

1Danilis Boom
2Timur Sorokin
3Nikolay Spesivtsev
5Maks Nemcev
6Gary Grey

Xo Team Members Name With Photos 2023

Here is the Complete List of Xo Team Member’s Names With Photo and Instagram IDs.

1. Nevaaadaa (Veronica Kostya)


Nevada is a Popular TikTok star and social media celebrity from Ukraine. Her birth date was 25th June 2002. Nevada has turned 20 in 2023. Nevada’s boyfriend is a fellow XO Team member, Nikolay Spesivtsev. Her Instagram ID is nevaaadaa.

2. Dasha Dzhakeli

Dasha Dzhakeli

Dzhakeli is a Russian content creator and Social Media Influencer. She became famous because of her talent and being a Member of the XO Team. Dasha was born on the 15th of October 1998 in Russia. She is now 24 years older (In 2023). The sign of her birth is Libra. Her Official Instagram Account is dzhakeli

3.  Chanderlandd (Chana)

Chana is a Russian TikToker, YouTuber, dancer, and content creator. She is a member of The Xo Team. Her Instagram Username is chanderlandd. It has over 700K+ followers. 

4. Mary Senn

Mary Senn

Senn is a Ukrainian YouTuber as well as a Social Media Influencer. She is the Founder of the Xo Team. Her birth date was June 29, 1993, in Korosten, Ukraine. Her age is 23. Her official Instagram Account is Marysenn.

5. Kristi Krime

Kristi Krime is a Popular Social Media Influencer and a TikTok Star. She has more than 10 Million followers on TikTok and more than two million followers on Instagram. Her official Instagram Username is kristi.krime.

Kristi Krime

6. Alisha Kone

Kone is a Russian Musician and TikTok celebrity. Alisha was born on the 3rd of September 2002 in Russia. She has an ongoing affair with Timur Sorokin.

7. Kristina Kika Kim

Kristina Kim is a Popular Social media Influencer. She has more than 32 million followers On TikTok and 7 Million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account can be found at kikakim.  Kika Kim was born on June 26, 1999, in Kazakhstan. 

8. Eva Miller

Eva Miller

Eva Miller is a Popular Russian TikTok Star and a Social Media Influencer. She has over 5 million followers on TikTok and 3 million on Instagram. Her official Instagram account can be found at miller. ev.

9. Nastya Badbarbie

Nastya is a Russian actor, model, and Dancer. She is also called Badbarbie. Her official Instagram Account is @badbaarbie.

10. Elsa Arca

Elsa arca (born May 22, 1999) is a Russian Instagram actress, model, Of creator, and social media influencer. Her Instagram Account ID is @elsarca.

11. Timur Sorokin

Timur is a popular Russian musician and TikTok celebrity. Timur was born on August 15, 1999, in Russia. Tim is currently dating with co-Xo Team member Alisha Kone. Tim’s Instagram handle is Timursorokin.

12. Gary Grey

Grey Grey is a Popular Russian TikTok star and musician. He is the creator of the world’s most renowned TikTok house, The Xo Team. The name of his Instagram Account username is artistgary.

13. Nikolay Spesivtsev

Spesivtsev is a popular choreographer and creator of content. Nikolay was born on the 14th of December 2001 in Russia. He is now 20 years older (In 2023).

14. Maks Nemcev

Nemcev is a well-known Russian TikTok. Maks was born on the 29th of 1998 in Russia. Maks’s birthstone is Scorpio. Mak’s Instagram username is maks.

15. Beembi

Beembi is a TikTok star and musical artist who is best known for singing, dancing, and following trends on the platform. He has over 2.1 million followers and 106 million likes on his beembi account. His Instagram Account is @beembi__.

16. Danilis Boom

Danilis is a Popular Russian TikTok celebrity and dancer. Danilis was born on the 14th of March 2002 in Russia. His Instagram Account is @danilis.boom.

Frequently Asked Questions about Team XO

Who is the Owner of Team XO?

Mary Senn and Gary Grey found the Xo Team. Althrough, The Owner and CEO of Team Xo is Michael Steib.

How Many Girls and Boys are there in Team XO?

There are 12 Girls and 6 Boys who are Part of Team Xo. This Number Many Changes in Upcoming Days.

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So, This is all about Team XO Cast and crew Members’ Real Names, Ages, Instagram account IDs, and More about them. If you have any Queries regarding Team XO Members, let us know in the Comment.

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