List Of Crafty Panda Cast And Actors Names with Photos 2023

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Crafty Panda Cast: Crafty Panda is a giant media publication available on Youtube. They upload numerous exciting videos, mostly Crafts videos, every month on Youtube. The company Crafty Panda is a subsidiary company of Bored Panda. Bored Panda is a magazine about art and pop culture, founded by Tomas Banisauskas in 2009. 

As the company has a massive list of channels, ultimately, they also have a strong viewer base. As the viewers watch their videos regularly, so they also feel connected with the Crafty Panda cast. They want to know more about their favorite actors. More than 16 million people have already subscribed to the Crafty Panda youtube channel.

As per your demand today, we are going to talk about Crafty Panda Actor’s Name. So buckle up and read the full article to know about your favorite model.

Crafty Panda Cast Actors List

The below Crafty Panda Actors are the most famous and recognizable personalities among all the Crafty Panda models. So buckle up and discover whether your favorite actors/actress are listed in the below list.

Emily Devis

The gorgeous Emily Devis is widely popular among Crafty Panda viewers. She was born in Russia currently residing in the USA. The model is very intelligent. Even she is an excellent example of beauty with a brain. She loves to read comics and try to learn new makeup tricks things in her leisure time.

More than 24K people follow her on Instagram, though she is much more active on Instagram. You can find her on Instagram by the username @emily_davis_cp.

Anna Green

Anna Green

Anna Green is another regular face of Crafty Panda’s videos. Apart from being an actor and model, Anna is a professional MakeUp Artist. The American-born model is currently residing in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.

Over 6.5K people follow her on Instagram, to date. Here is their Instagram handle of Anna: @annagreencp_.

Viktoria Novikova

Viktoria Novikova

Viktoria Novikova is one of the most beautiful female actors among all the Crafty Panda cast. She is a professional model who works for Crafty Panda. Apart from working with Crafty Panda, she also has already worked under 5 Minute Crafts, another popular crafts channel. Viktoria belongs to Russia. 

Besides being an actress, Novikova is also a Dancer and Choreographer. She is a fitness freak. She has a huge fan following in public, and more than 70K people follow her on Instagram. Here is the Instagram username of Victoria Novikova @vikkimila.


Joshua has appeared in many videos of Crafty Panda. So people know about him, and he also has a fan following among CP viewers. Most of his craze is in the young females. They don’t compromise to compliment him, as, like Elizabeth Thomas has said on Youtube, “Joshua is so cute.”

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark is the cutest actor in the Crafty Panda girl team. The model Jessia belongs to  Massachusetts and currently residing in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. 

Literally, anyone can easily guess that she is conscious of Fashion by looking at her. She also prefers to wear Fashion friendly and comfortable clothes. Jessica is also an amusing lady. She has a strong fan following base on Instagram. Here is her Instagram username: @jessicaclarkcp_.

Noah Evans

Noah Evans

Noah Evans is another handsome model that Crafty Panda gave us to follow. Noah is a standout performer, and everyone likes his onscreen performance. Noah and Jessica are the most loved onscreen couple. People love their pair; even videos covering Noah and Jessica usually get the most engagement from regular

In the follower community, there is a rumor about their relationship. The rumor is, Noah and Jessica are dating each other. Noah is also known as Lego Boy. Noah’s Instagram handle is @noahevanscp.

Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is an interesting character among the Crafty Panda Cast. He is a humble human being in real life. He prefers to travel around the world, actually, Travelling is his hobby. He has traveled to over ten countries to date.

Like the Noah and Jessia pair, Jacob and Emily’s onscreen couple plays are also widely famous among the Crafty Panda’s audience

Almost all of Jacob and Emily’s fans believe that they are in a relationship. Though they didn’t talk about it officially yet. Jacob Moore’s Instagram account is @jacobmoorecp

Emma Scott

Emma Scott

The beautiful Emma is most popular because of her aesthetic personality and charming face. There will rarely be a video where you wouldn’t find any compliments about her. Besides being an actress and performer, she is also a gamer. The model is a pet lover and has a pet (dog).

Because of her standout personality, more than 5K people follow her on Instagram, which is the second-highest number of followers after Emily Devis. Here is the Instagram handle of Emma @emmascottcp_

Madison Ree

Madison Reed

Madison Reed is a very fun-loving lady. Even most of the time, Madison plays some sort of naughty character in videos. She has a great sense of humor. Most of the audience loves to watch her videos because all of her videos are supremely funny. Madison’s height is 5 Feet 4 Inches and her weight is about 50 Kilograms.

She is also available on Instagram by having more than 5K followers. Instagram handle: @madisonreedcp_

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker is another cute female performer available on Crafty Panda. Sarah is humbleattractivefriendly, and cares about others. Sarah and Emily Devis are best friends. 

More than 4.5K genuine people follow her on Instagram, and she gets 1200+ likes on her every post. You can find her on Instagram by searching her username @sarahbakercp_.


All the male and female performer has their fan following among Crafty Panda viewers. But in social media, the most following personality among the Crafty Panda cast is Emily Devis, and the Most loved onscreen couple is Noah and Jessica.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about Crafty Panda and its actors.

What is Crafty Panda?

Crafty Panda is an Art & Crafts base popular youtube. Crafty Panda is a subsidiary company of Bored Panda, which is a magazine about art and pop culture. Bored Panda is based in Lithuania, hence Crafty Panda is also based in Lithuania.

Who is the Founder of Crafty Panda?

The founder of Crafty Panda is Tomas Banisauskas, from Lithuania.

Who is Emily Davis in Crafty Panda?

Emily Davis is a widely popular and famous model who works for Crafty Panda, currently. She is extensively accepted by the viewers of Crafty Panda.

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