Troom Troom Cast and Actors Name with Instagram in 2023

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Troom Troom Cast: Troom Troom is a DIY, Crafts, and Entertainment-based popular youtube channel. The channel is based in Ukraine. They upload tons of quality content on their youtube channel every week.

The Troom Troom publications have a few more popular Youtube channels in their belt. Most channels are translated versions of the original Troom Troom channel.

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Below are the most popular Troom Troom channels:

  • Troom Troom
  • Troom Troom TR
  • Troom Troom Arabic
  • Troom Troom Vietnam
  • Трум Трум
  • Troom Troom India
  • Troom Troom JP
  • Troom Troom Es
  • Troom Troom Trick
  • Troom Troom WOW
  • Troom Troom SELECT

The publication has billions of viewers and has more than 50M+ active viewers worldwide. Some people have started to feel connected with the Troom Troom cast and actors by watching helpful Troom Troom videos.

If you’re one of them, keep reading the article till the end to know more about your favorite Troom Troom member’s real name, bio, and Instagram account.

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Troom Troom Cast

Below are the most popular Troom Troom cast listed with their short bio, real name, and Instagram account. For better sorting, we have divided the article into two sections. The first section is all about Troom Troom actresses, and the other part is about Troom Troom actors.

Find out your favorite Troom Troom cast from the below lists.

Alevtina Martina

Alevtina Markina, more known as the blue-eyed girl, is a regular and popular character on the Troom Troom channel. She is vastly famous among Troom Troom viewers.

She was born in Ukraine and currently residing there. She got married to Igor Matson. The couple celebrates their anniversary on the 1st March of every year. The 33-year-old model has over 45K fan followers on Instagram.

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називайте мене Алевтина
NameAlevtina Martina
Character nameBlue-Eyed Girl
Age33 Years
Followers45 K
BoyfriendIgor Matsan

Yekaterina Musmova

Yekaterina Musmova, vastly known as Red Head. Yekaterina is a Model, Makeup Artist, Social Media Sensation, and Actress. She is available on Social Media. She is most popular on Instagram, more than 65K people follow her on there.

The model was born in 1991. Meanwhile, she is 32 years old in 2023. She is currently dating Sergey.

NameYekaterina Musmova
Character nameRed Head
Age32 Years
Followers65 k

Irina Kolesnik

Irina plays the character Blondie in Troom Troom. The character is vastly popular among audiences. She has appeared in many popular videos of Troom Troom, such as “12 Funny Toilet Paper Pranks and Hacks (more than 25M views)“, “14 Stylish And Easy Hairstyles For Gorgeous Look / Everyday Hair Hacks (more than 7M views)“, etc.

Irina Kolesnik is counted as one of the hottest models among all Troom Troom cast. She has a decent fan following on Instagram. 70K people follow the model on Instagram. She gets, on average more than 6K likes on every single Instagram post.

NameIrina Kolesnik
Character nameBlondie
Age32 Years

Irina Ponomarenko

Irina Ponomarenko plays the character of Curly Sue in Troom Troom. Irina was born in Ukraine, so she holds the nationality of Ukraine. The model was born in 1997. Meanwhile, she is currently 26 years old.

She is a full-time actress and model. Besides acting, the diva loves to travel and discover new cultures and people. She also has a huge interest in Photography.

NameIrina Ponomaranko
Character nameCurly Sue
Age26 Years


ameMak Skomoroh
Character nameBen
Age26 years

Eva Voronova

Eva Voronova, known as Vicky among Troom Troom viewers. Eva is married to a gentleman, but she hasn’t shared information about her husband’s name. 

She loves to travel and also loves to taste new variants of food. The hot curve model has more than 25K followers on Instagram. She is currently living in Odesa, Ukraine.

NameEva Voronova
Character nameVicky

She first joined Instagram on 4th November 2014. The engagement ratio of her Instagram account is about 2%.

Masha Mednaya

Masha Mednaya is a humble and cute model, who is a model by profession. She is known as Mrs. Smith in Troom Troom. She mostly plays naughty and funny scenes on the Troom Troom youtube channel.

Masha Mednaya is a Lifestyle Blogger and Model who has over 30K followers on Instagram. The hot model’s age is 29 years.

Masha Mednaya
NameMasha Mednaya
Character nameMrs. Smith
Age29 Years
Relationship StatusMarried

Valeria Khadonova

Troom Troom character Linda’s real name is Valeria Khadonova. Valeria is quite regular on the Troom Troom youtube channel. She is very open-minded and loves to travel around the world.

She claims herself a comedian first, then an actress. The glamour girl is quite active on Social Media. She has over 15k fans following on Instagram. Besides, she is also available on Twitter, though she isn’t active there as much as on Instagram.

Валерія Хадонова
NameValeria Khadonova
Character nameLinda

Mikhail Konung

NameMikhail Konung
Character nameStevie
Age26 Years
GirlfriendAnna Kotiuk

Sasha Staro Stina

Sasha is an actor, model, and influencer. She was born and raised in Ukraine and currently lives in the beautiful city of Odesa. She plays the character Dolly in Troom Troom. Currently, The model is in a relationship with social media influencer Vitor Stein.

Sasha Staro Stina

Other than that, she has huge interests in Photography, Swimming, and Travelling.

NameSasha Staro Stina
Character nameDolly
Age27 Years
BoyfriendVitor Stein

Ira Olianich

Ira is playing the character, Emma, on TT. Ira is one of the most talented actresses among the Troom Troom cast. She is available on Instagram, and over 1K people follow her there. Also, she is 21 years old.

NameIra Olianich
Character nameEmma
Age22 Years

Veronika Stakhova

Veronika Stakhova is an actor, model, makeup artist, and influencer. She is counted as the most beautiful actress in TT.

NameVeronika Stakhova
Character nameRosie

Tracy Zhozemanuel

Jessica’s real name is Tracy. She has appeared in many videos on the Troom Troom youtube channel and gets loved by the audience. She is an actress, model, traveler, and social media influencer.

The glamour girl is socially very active. More than 50K people actively follow her on Instagram. Over 2.5M people follow her on TikTok. Even, recently she has opened her Youtube channel, more than 10K people already subscribed to her channel, and the channel is growing rapidly.

NameTracy Zhozemanuel
Character nameJessica

Svetlana Kupsova

The 22 years old Svetlana Kupsova was born and raised in Odessa. She loves to lead a fancy lifestyle. Apart from that, she also loves to travel around the world to meet new cultures and new people.

The model sells her homemade cookies through craft cookies.

NameSvetlana Kupsova
Character nameChristie
Age23 Years

Anastasia Gash

Anastasia is an actor, model, and artist. She is married to a Philosopher. The name of her husband is not available in the public domain. The beautiful couple recently welcomed a new member to their family, a baby.

Besides, she sells her homemade crafts through her Moonlit_shop page.

NameAnastasia Gash
Character nameCindy


All the models mentioned above have appeared on the Troom Troom Youtube channel, some frequently and some occasionally. All the models are highly talented. Although the audience loves and enjoys all the Troom Troom team members, in social media, Yekaterina Musmova and Tracy Zhozemanuel have the highest number of fan following

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